Health Content Provider

URAC’s Health Content Provider Accreditation standards are a subset of the Health Web Site Accreditation.

Like the Health Web Site Accreditation, these standards closely examine key areas such as organizational policies and procedures, disclosures, health content editorial policies, quality oversight and accountability. These standards align with URAC’s focus on consumer safety and empowerment.

The URAC-accredited health content provider:

  • Ensures that its health content authors and reviewers are licensed, credentialed, and able to critically evaluate health information
  • Does not make claims of therapeutic effect without competent and reliable scientific evidence that supports the claim
  • Has a conflict of interest policy for the editorial team and all authors of health content that’s easy for users to find
  • Has policies and procedures in place to respond to complaints in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Establishes a quality oversight committee to apply professional and ethics guidelines as appropriate to its health content, audience and goals
  • And more.


Who may apply?

Health content providers, health education providers, or companies that have websites with health content may apply.




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