Measures Process Evolution

The URAC Measures Program is evolving to meet the needs and requirements of consumers and the industry. URAC is engaged in a phased-in approach to adopting a greater degree of rigor in reporting through validation by external audit, development of an inclusive, flexible scoring methodology, and public reporting of results against established benchmarks. In regard to the scoring methodology which is currently being tested, URAC is seeking a schema that fairly measures the performance of organizations to improve care and aid consumers, employers, policy makers and other stakeholders in evaluation and selection of health care providers and organizations based on quality. Information about this new scoring methodology including when it will take effect will be made available to clients in the future.

URAC’s measures program, with regard to validation and eventual public reporting of ratings, has three phases of implementation. Performance measurement phases include:

  • Phase 1: Performance measures are reported to URAC on the specified time frequency and are used by the organization for internal performance improvement and, if desired, reported to customers.
  • Phase 2: Mandatory performance measures become subject to an external auditing and verification process. During this phase, performance measure results become publicly available in aggregated, de-identified reports.
  • Phase 3: Organization-specific measure results that have undergone an external audit and verification process are available publicly on the URAC website.

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