• What is a measurement year?

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    A measurement year is the first calendar year following the year in which an organization receives URAC accreditation.
  • What does the organization have to do during the measurement year?

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    Organizations are required to prepare their data systems and collect data for that calendar year.
  • Where can I find the data my organization should be collecting in the reporting year?

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    The reporting instructions and templates can be accessed through AccreditNet or you can send a request to your Account Manager or by emailing ResearchMeasurement@urac.org.
  • What is a reporting year?

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    The reporting year is the year following the measurement period and when organizations report the measures values collected during the measurement period.
  • When does the measures portal open and close during the reporting year?

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    The measures portal is open from July 1st through September 30th. *Note: This policy is under review and subject to change, in particular, URAC may require submittal of data in quarter one of reporting year.
  • If my company is accredited in 2012 when will my company report?

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    If your company was accredited under a product version with measures your company is required to report in 2014.
  • What will my company be reporting in 2014?

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    Your company will be required to report measures data for the 2013 measurement period. This includes measure values collected between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.

    For organizations that are accredited for Health Plan or Health Plan with Health Insurance Exchange, this includes measure values collected for the following calendar years: 2013 (required), 2012 (required, if available), and 2011 (optional).

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