Performance measures are incorporated into URAC’s accreditation products by evaluating candidate measures and determining if additional information provided by the measure is of value to consumers, purchasers, and other stakeholders. Measures are selected for product inclusion based upon the value added, the scientific evidence, and the burden associated with data collection.

The performance measures selection process includes a comprehensive environmental scan and review of a number of measures that are publicly reported and that reside in the public domain (i.e., Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s National Measures Clearing House, National Quality Forum’s Quality Positioning System, and other professional organizations).

The measures selected are further reviewed for appropriateness, feasibility, and relevancy by multiple advisory bodies, including the URAC Measurement & Research Advisory Group and URAC Health Standards Committees, all of which are comprised of clinicians and other providers, measurement experts, consumers, and other key stakeholders.

After this extensive review process, all selected measures undergo a period of public comment. Final review and formal adoption of performance measures for URAC’s accreditation products is completed by the URAC Board of Directors. URAC reserves the right to add, remove, or suspend measures based on current scientific evidence or guidelines.

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