Data Collection

Measures Submission Timeline for Accreditation Programs with Measures

(Not applicable to Health Plan (HP) or Health Plan with Health Insurance Marketplace (HP/HIX))

Organizations with an accreditation for a product version with measures must begin collecting data on measures for the calendar year following the year in which they first receive URAC accreditation; this calendar year is the organization’s first “measurement year” (Note: This does not apply to the data collection cycle for HP and HP with HIM; See alternate example below). Measures are due to URAC beginning on July 1st and ending on September 30th of the year following the first measurement period; this period is considered the “reporting year”.  No extensions will be granted beginning with the 2016 reporting period. (Note: This policy is under review and subject to change; in particular, URAC may require submittal of data more frequently in the future). Measures are then reported annually to URAC while the organization is accredited.

Example of Data Collection Cycle

data collection 2

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