WebMD Health Services Discusses Website Accreditation

| URAC Staff
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When your mission is to empower actions that improve people’s well-being and outcomes, it’s critical to ensure the data and information you produce and manage is of the highest quality, both in terms of content and security. Perhaps that’s why WebMD Health Services is committed to going “the extra mile” to attain high standards and have those standards accredited by a respected third party, says Jennifer Dressler BSN, RN, CPHQ, Director, Clinical Services at WebMD Health Services. 

“Everyone is concerned about the security and accuracy of their electronic health information,” Dressler says, “and having URAC Health Website Accreditation satisfies both concerns.” WebMD Health Services was initially accredited July 1, 2014 and continues to maintain their accreditation today. 

A Valued And Respected Source

WebMD Health Services provides credible information, supportive communities, and in-depth reference material about important health subjects. For decades, it has been a valued and respected source for original and timely health information as well as material from well-known content providers. WebMD Health Services also offers comprehensive well-being products and services to employers and health plans. When individuals provide information about themselves as they use these products and services, WebMD Health Services is able to offer tailored recommendations and content that assist them in their individual journey toward well-being.  As the most trusted brand in health information, WebMD Health Services is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and security. 

“Making the choice to pursue URAC accreditation is a voluntary decision for us; we aren’t mandated to do it,” notes Dressler, “but we want to go the extra mile to show our commitment to quality and security and submit it to the rigorous examination of a trusted third party.” 

Commitment To The Highest Quality

Attaining accreditation isn’t easy, nor should it be, both Dressler and URAC President and CEO Shawn Griffin agree. “By going through the challenging process of accreditation, and earning it, WebMD Health Services has set themself apart as an organization determined to perform at the very highest level,” says Griffin. “WebMD Health Services’ consumers, partners and associates know that their URAC accreditation show their commitment to the highest quality.” 

If anything, attaining accreditation has become a bit more challenging in recent years, Dressler says. URAC has “upped the bar in its expectations and standards, and that’s helpful because it continues to keep us accountable and responsible,” she explains. 

However, the updated standards are streamlined in several important respects, Dressler says, including the mechanisms for reporting data to URAC during the accreditation process. “There is less duplication now, and I believe the standards are easier to understand,” adds Dressler. 

As a veteran of URAC’s accreditation process, Dressler offers several tips for those on the fence or at the beginning of the process. First, leverage URAC resources at the outset. “Attending URAC educational forums is extremely helpful,” she says. “And URAC staff are open and can help explain gaps in your knowledge of the process, right down to the granular level,” Dressler adds.  

She also advises organizations on the accreditation path to “accumulate a lot of education and information at the front end and use a good internal tracking mechanism for documents” throughout the accreditation path. 

Valuable Credibility

Challenges aside, the benefits of attaining accreditation are plentiful, Dressler says. It begins with credibility. “Our health plan clients appreciate what it says about us, and employers are focusing more on this, too,” she says.  “Having accreditation resonates with our members and gives us additional, valuable credibility” in the broader marketplace, she says. 

“We’re committed to maintaining high standards of quality and security,” says Dressler.  “We are dedicated to providing trusted clinical expertise and proven behavior change solutions that consumers can trust.” For Dressler, working with a partner like URAC makes perfect sense. “URAC is nimble in watching what’s coming,” and working with them has helped make WebMD an even more effective and important tool for people who want to improve their health and well-being, she says. 

URAC offers multiple digital health programs, including health website accreditation.


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