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The website of the organization you wish URAC to contact is very important and will help us in our investigation. (Example: If you find a URAC seal on the website, enter the information just below the circle of the seal. This indicates the type of accreditation held by the organization.

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Check this box if you are requesting URAC not to share your name or contact information with the organization
Please note that complaints or grievances filed anonymously may result in very limited investigations and may not be result in resolution to your specific concern.

DO NOT submit any personally protected health information (PHI) on this website. Protected health information (PHI) is any information about health status, provision of health care, or payment for health care that can be linked to a specific individual. Submitting PHI to URAC is strictly prohibited. Additional information about PHI can be found here: Should URAC receive PHI, it will not be accepted and you will be contacted with a request to re-submit your complaint with PHI removed.

Prior to filing a complaint with URAC, we strongly recommend that you contact the individual company to file your complaint and allow the company an opportunity to resolve the matter.

URAC accepts complaints that are in writing through this webpage and contains the complainants’ contact information which may be shared with accredited organizations. URAC may contact you to clarify the facts surrounding your complaint, but is not obliged to do so.

URAC will not disclose or share information regarding any specific outcome of a grievance or complaint investigation, however may collect statistical data for tracking purposes.

URAC has no authority to resolve disputes between any complainant and a URAC-accredited company based on a benefit determination or the payment of such benefits such as (but not limited to) benefits that are not a covered benefit under your policy, your insurance has lapsed or coverage was terminated, disputes with issues such as premiums, deductibles, co-pays, reimbursement rates, in-network and out of network payments, claims or disputes, etc.

URAC can only investigate a URAC accredited company for an issue that is related to URAC’s standards for which the company is accredited.

In the event URAC contacts you regarding your complaint and no response is received within three (3) business days, URAC will close the complaint for administrative purposes and no further action will be taken by URAC.

By submitting this complaint, you authorize URAC to release your name and other identifying information to the URAC-accredited company you have identified, unless you have requested to remain anonymous to the accredited company. Please note that you may be contacted directly by the accredited company for additional information to facilitate investigation as is deemed necessary.

By submitting this complaint to URAC, you have granted consent to view/disclose such information during the course of the investigation to the accredited client.

Additionally, you will not hold URAC liable for any disclosure of information contained in your complaint.
You may have other recourse for filing a complaint if the issue is not one that can be addressed by URAC such as your state insurance or health agency (see ) (National Association of Insurance Commissioners)

I have read and agree to the information, terms and conditions as indicated on this website. I further understand that URAC expressly prohibits the submission of protected health information and reserves the right to change terms and conditions without further notice and/or as required by law. Checking this box indicates my agreement to these terms and conditions and I understand it is required for submission of complaints. If you do not agree, your complaint will not be submitted.

Check here if you agree and want to submit your complaint.

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