Health Utilization Management Accreditation v7.4 and Workers' Compensation Utilization Management v7.4 Workshop

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8:30 - 5:00 pm EST, March 2, 2018
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This is the on-demand webcast of the event that was live streamed from the Renaissance Washington, DC on March 1, 2018. Your registration gives you 30-days' access to this on-demand webcast.

URAC developed the first Health Utilization Management (HUM) Review Standards to ensure that organizations conducting utilization review followed a process that was clinically sound and respected patients’ and providers’ rights while giving payers’ reasonable guidelines to follow. Today, URAC is the undisputed leader in Utilization Management Accreditation and Certification. 

As managed care has grown, it has become more prevalent in the workers’ compensation setting. URAC developed these standards to ensure quality in worker’s compensation utilization management programs. Several states have already incorporated URAC accreditation into their regulations for workers’ compensation utilization management. 

This workshop does not include the Core 4.0 standards. Because the Core 4.0 standards will be included in the Health Utilization Management/Workers' Compensation Accreditation as of April 1, 2018, the version number for these standards changes to v7.4. The standards for HUM/WCUM, other than the Core standards, are the same as v7.3.

This workshop includes:

  • URAC Overview
  • Scoring Methodology
  • Electronic data submission process
  • Health Utilization Management/Workers' Compensation Accreditation Standards only
    • Core 4.0 Standards are NOT included in this workshop

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explain the scoring methodology of the standards and how URAC reviewers apply them.
  • Discuss the basic components of URAC’s standards and what is needed to meet their intent.
  • Describe the documentation needed to submit a complete application for accreditation and desktop review.
  • Identify validation review requirements and activities used by URAC’s review staff.
  • Identify the educational and support resources available at URAC during the application for accreditation.

Who Should Attend:

The workshop is designed to provide detailed information about URAC’s accreditation process and standards. These focused training sessions are ideal for those considering accreditation and first-time applicants as well as for companies undergoing re-accreditation, particularly in a new version.

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