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Internet Entrepreneur Will Give Keynote Address at URAC’s 9th Annual Quality Summit

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

New URAC issue brief features keynote speaker Jeff Taylor, founder and former CEO of Monster.com and Eons.com

Washington, D.C. Sept. 09, 2008 – Entrepreneurial success takes inspiration, hard work and quite a bit of luck—just ask Jeff Taylor, the visionary founder and former CEO of Monster.com and Eons.com.  Taylor will be a keynote speaker at URAC’s 9th Annual Quality Summit Oct. 14-16 at the La Costa Resort and Spa in San Diego.

That winning success combination can be applied to transform any organization into a vibrant hub of energy and productivity.  Taylor’s presentation, “You Are the CEO of Your Own Life,” will be an interactive glimpse into the practices that can bring life and energy into daily business practice.

Taylor is also featured as the expert voice in a new URAC issue brief, “Balancing Opportunity with Challenge, Innovation with Security.”  The brief examines the need to balance the significant benefits of Web 2.0 peer-to-peer information exchange with the need for privacy and security of personal health information on the Internet.  According to Taylor, Internet technology “creates awkward moments, but ultimately better service to the consumer.” The issue brief can be downloaded at https://www.urac.org/press/issueBriefs.aspx.

In a sneak preview of his keynote, Taylor said he will focus on “running a life and living a business. My presentation will be about opening people’s minds to learn.”

Among the topics Taylor will address:

  • The key importance of presentation skills;
  • The role of luck and the necessity of hard work (the harder you work, the luckier you get, Taylor said);
  • What it means to be an entrepreneur–and whether it’s learned or innate;
  • How to pick a big market;
  • How to “get viral” and the shift to Web 2.0;
  • What it means to “show up;” and
  • The importance of doing the unexpected.

An Internet innovator and expert at technology, advertising and maximizing human capital, Taylor works with businesses to adopt the essentials of social networking as a fundamental building block for improving the bottom line.  His ideas connect with URAC’s leadership in the health information technology arena. URAC offers a suite of accreditation programs designed to protect and empower the consumer in the online environment.

URAC’s second Quality Summit keynote speaker is Leanne Kaiser Carlson, futurist and co-founder of the Kaiser Institute Program in Philanthropy.  Carlson will present “Creating an Organizational Culture of Innovation,” addressing the intentional nurture of new ideas and how innovation builds and expands an organization.

A key theme of URAC’s Quality Summit is the combination of cost, quality and the consumer as the framework for improvement and innovation in health care management.  Influential thought leaders, medical professionals and executives from across the health care management spectrum will convene to learn about best practices and how to apply the latest innovations to their own organizations.

“Health care management is constantly developing new approaches, and URAC’s Annual Quality Summit is a unique setting for the nation’s top leaders to take away both the inspiration to surge forward and the concrete tools to succeed,” said Alan P. Spielman, URAC’s president and chief executive officer.  “Our keynote speakers will invigorate participants and set the stage for a full slate of educational programs.  The Summit is designed to help organizations empower consumers and improve quality in health care management.”

For a complete Summit agenda, registration, hotel, and travel information visit the URAC website at https://www.urac.org/accreditationEducation/9thAnnualSummit.asp or call (202) 216-9010.


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