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New Public Comment Period Open for URAC Core Standards Update

Friday, August 12th, 2016

URAC is offering a second opportunity for public comment on the update of its Core Accreditation standards.

This additional period for public comment begins on August 12, 2016 and ends on Friday, September 23, 2016 at 5 p.m. Eastern.

URAC’s Core Accreditation standards address the fundamental aspects and practices that affect the quality of a health care organization’s operations. They cover organizational structure, policies and procedures, information management, quality management, and staff qualifications.

Program standards are updated periodically so that URAC accreditation remains current with the latest rulemaking, trends, and industry best practices. The proposed Core standards and associated elements of performance are now organized into four focus areas: risk management, consumer protection and empowerment, operations and infrastructure, and performance monitoring and improvement.

URAC’s accreditation standards are developed and updated in consultation with an independent advisory committee of health care experts, consumers, and other health care stakeholders as well as through public comment. Changes made to the proposed Core v4.0 standards after the initial round of public comments will be available for review, in addition to interpretive information about the standards and related elements of performance.

“The pursuit of public comment on proposed revisions is a critical and valuable function of the URAC standards development process. Each comment is carefully reviewed and considered by the Health Standards Committee as well as the URAC staff,” said Cheri Lattimer, who chairs URAC’s Health Standards Committee. “While a broad representation of the health care industry has already been involved with URAC’s advisory committee in developing this Core Accreditation standards update, additional input is important for the final review.”

An official announcement for public comment is available through a link in the URAC website’s Resource Center. Comments may be submitted through that same page.

For more information about URAC’s Core Accreditation standards, please contact URAC Director of Program Standards and Maintenance Donna Merrick at (202) 216-9010 or Program_Standards_and_Maintenance@urac.onmicrosoft.com.


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