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URAC Introduces Innovative, Enhanced Patient Centered Medical Home Certification

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

URAC’s Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) 3.0 certification program has been released. It is a substantial update from the previous version. It now offers a transformational approach that helps practices build a strong foundation for the delivery of accountable care while working to earn their certification.

In studying organizational evolution in the field as well as academic and technical reports questioning current PCMH effectiveness, URAC determined that developing practices could benefit from a stepwise approach to PCMH certification that focuses on practice sustainability and growth over time instead of judgment based on adherence to a rigid list of standards.

The innovative new approach to PCMH certification now being offered by URAC includes three levels of recognition and a health information technology designation that facilitates practice development regardless of an organization’s size or technical sophistication. Educational and assessment tools provided by URAC are designed to help practices assess their prior level of accomplishment. Applicants can then progress through the URAC certification process by meeting key milestones and quality standards.

Essential to the URAC’s updated approach to PCMH certification is the creation of relationships and communication channels among practices. This enables the potential for shared learning experiences that can promote change in how care is delivered and set practices on the continuum toward more accountable care. Additions to the certification review, such as highlighting “clinician champions,” make the URAC approach more of a learning experience where best practices are instilled early and physician practices are driven to become more oriented toward providing value-based, quality medical services.

URAC’s new means of achieving PCMH certification was created to enable growth, learning, and peer support that facilitates the development of practices that often play critical roles in the well-being of the communities they serve.

To learn more about URAC’s innovative new approach to PCMH transformation, click here.


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