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Performance Measure Submissions Underway for Select URAC-Accredited Organizations

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

On July 1, URAC began collecting data from accredited organizations related to 2015 performance.

Currently, organizations accredited in the following programs are required to submit performance measures: programs within the Pharmacy Quality Management® (PQM) suite, Case Management, Disease Management, and Health Plan programs with and without a Health Insurance Marketplace component.

Measures are submitted to URAC through a web-based portal between July 1 and September 30. There are no extensions available for submissions.

“For these three months, URAC-accredited organizations have the opportunity to submit operational data that verifies their quality,” said URAC Vice President for Quality, Research & Measurement Marybeth Farquhar. “As we proceed along the continuum toward more value-based care, measurement will play an increasingly important role in recognizing adherence in domains such as safe care, accessible and affordable care, and prevention and treatment.”

While this is not the first year URAC is collecting performance measures, it is the first year that data related to its PQM programs must be audited by a third-party provider. Auditing for health plan programs, and the addition of pharmacy programs, is part of URAC’s ongoing integration of performance measures into the accreditation process. The inclusion of an auditing component ensures that data received from accredited clients is accurate, reliable, standardized, valid, and of comparable quality.

An inability to submit and have certain measures audited could result in an organization’s accreditation status being put at risk.

“Measures help prove performance and drive improvement. These are things health care consumers are demanding. URAC-accredited organizations benefit from having their quality quantified and analyzed,” said URAC Director of Quality and Measures Eleni Theodoropoulos.

URAC’s performance measures are designed to provide a comprehensive view of quality in broad topic areas while simultaneously being sensitive to the administrative burden associated with the data collection process. Measures add and incorporate “state-of-the-art” scientific evidence to assess health care quality and safety.

Through this unique approach to performance measurement, URAC has been able to select quality indicators that align and harmonize with other federal, state, and local quality measurement and reporting initiatives.

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