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URAC Hill Briefing — Supporting Medication Adherence: Ensuring Coordination, Quality and Outcomes

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

URAC Hill Briefing- Supporting Medication Adherence: Ensuring Coordination, Quality and Outcomes

URAC will release a forthcoming white paper on medication adherence during a Capitol Hill briefing entitled, “Supporting Medication Adherence: Ensuring Coordination, Quality and Outcomes”.

Washington, D.C. – September 1, 2011 – URAC, a nationally known health care accreditation company, is sponsoring a briefing entitled, “Supporting Medication Adherence: Ensuring Coordination, Quality and Outcomes” on Monday, September 26th at 11:30 in Senate Dirksen G-11.  Participants will learn about the latest research on patient medication adherence and how to promote improved compliance.  The National Priorities Partnership refers to improved medication adherence as a $100+ billion opportunity.  Additionally, poor medication adherence is estimated to be responsible for as much as 25% of all hospital and nursing home admissions annually.  Come here about emerging trends that can help improve medication adherence.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Robert Honigberg, M.D. (URAC)
  • Rebecca Burkholder, (National Consumers League)
  • Tom Hubbard (NEHI, formerly known as the New England Healthcare Institute)
  • David Nau, PhD (Pharmacy Quality Alliance)

URAC’s white paper will highlight the latest research in this area and highlight how accreditation standards across a variety of programs (i.e., disease management, case management, pharmacy benefit management, specialty pharmacy, and drug therapy management) promote activities within health care management companies that support medication adherence and protect consumers.

NCL will also speak about their campaign “Script Your Future” aimed at influencing consumers to improve their own medication adherence.  NEHI will speak about their “Roadmap to Medication Adherence” which be released at a National Press Club event on Sept. 22nd.  The Pharmacy Quality Alliance will speak about measurement and how medication adherence will demonstrates significant cost savings.

Lunch is being served.  Seating is limited, so we are requesting that those interested in attending the September 26th briefing send their name and contact information to:  med_adherence@urac.org.


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