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URAC Releases New Specialty Pharmacy and Mail Service Pharmacy Accreditation Standards and Measures

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Washington, DC, June 2, 2015 ― URAC, a leader in promoting healthcare quality through accreditation, announces the release of new Specialty Pharmacy and Mail Service Pharmacy accreditation standards and measures.

The Patient Management and Pharmacy Operations focus areas were both updated to reflect growing and important trends in healthcare quality. The Patient Management focus area adds further emphasis on medication reconciliation, coordination and transition of care, and outcome reporting.

The updates to the Pharmacy Operations focus area address the importance of using a validated cold chain distribution process with process controls, and of verifying drug authenticity. In addition to ongoing monitoring to identify counterfeit drugs, specialty pharmacies and mail service pharmacies are required to purchase medication from licensed wholesalers, distribution channels, or manufacturers.

Independent leaders within the pharmacy and healthcare industries contributed extensively to the revisions of these standards and measures. A public comment period, from August through September 2014, was followed by meetings of the URAC Specialty Pharmacy and Mail Service Pharmacy Advisory Group, the Pharmacy Advisory Group, and the Health Standard Committee.

Kim Caldwell, RPh, chair of the URAC Pharmacy Advisory Group and director of pharmacy professional affairs at Humana Pharmacy Solutions, believes “the important delivery models of mail service pharmacy and the increasingly complex specialty pharmacy practice are evolving rapidly. Specifically, as new life-changing, high-cost pharmaceutical products are coming to market, enhancements to specialty pharmacy practice spread rapidly. Updates to URAC accreditation products will advance pharmacy practice, promote quality improvement, and increase patient empowerment.”

For more information, please contact URAC’s director, program standards and maintenance, Donna Merrick at dmerrick@urac.org, or URAC marketing & communications at media@urac.org.


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