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URAC Releases Practice Achievement for Patient Centered Medical Home Program

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

URAC Releases Practice Achievement for Program

URAC PCMH Practice Achievement Expands Options for Practices Looking for Independent Verification of Health Care Home Success

Washington, DC – June 16, 2011 – URAC, a leading health care accreditation and education organization, announces the release of its (PCMH) Practice Achievement.  The URAC PCMH Practice Achievement is another extension of URAC’s overall PCMH program which provides recognition for practices who meet the essential elements of a health care home.  Recognition has become vital to practices and plans to allow for qualified entry into health care home demonstration programs, government and commercial pilots, and other health plan initiatives.  Additional Information can be found at https://www.urac.org/healthcare/pchch/index.aspx.

“URAC’s PCMH Program places the patient at the center of all care decisions.  The URAC PCMH Practice Achievement does this through a flexible and customizable approach, allowing multiple pathways to gain PCMH Achievement recognition,” explained Alan P. Spielman, President and CEO of URAC.  “Practices that earn URAC PCMH Achievement demonstrate a comprehensive and quality-driven approach to a health care home that sets them apart.”

The URAC PCMH Practice Achievement standards align with the key Joint Principles of the Patient Centered Medical Home and address key requirements for patient centeredness.  URAC’s PCMH Practice Standards place significant emphasis on care coordination, patient engagement and the quality and delivery of care – those critical elements that truly empower patients to safely navigate the health care system with the assistance of their primary care provider.

The URAC PCMH Achievement Program is flexible, providing two levels of recognition dependent on the standards selected.  Additionally, practices can be evaluated against any of the seventy-eight PCMH Practice Standards covering all aspects of a patient centered medical home.  The two levels of URAC PCMH Achievement award include:

  • PCMH Practice Achievement
  • PCMH Practice Achievement with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Designation

Practices meeting an overall minimum score, along with required and select essential standards, will be awarded URAC’s PCMH Practice Achievement.  Additionally, select elements within URAC’s PCMH Practice Achievement Program are designated for practices that utilize certified electronic health records, thereby promoting patient safety for e-prescribing, secure health information exchanges and quality performance reporting, which all align to key meaningful use requirements.  Practices fully meeting these standards along with meeting the PCMH Practice Achievement requirements will be awarded PCMH Practice Achievement with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Designation.  URAC’s PCMH Practice Achievement provides further flexibility by allowing practices to be recognized for additional optional standards.

URAC’s approach is first and unique in that a URAC PCMH Certified Auditor organization utilizing qualified health professionals or a URAC reviewer evaluates practices against both the required URAC PCMH Practice Achievement standards and any optional PCMH standards, thereby providing flexibility in assessing a practice’s performance relative to any of the key areas of the patient centered medical home.  The URAC PCMH Auditor Certification program encompasses URAC’s Core Module Standards which evaluate an organization’s operations, training, processes, systems, and business associate requirements, adherence to the URAC-issued PCMH Achievement audit which requires successful passing of a URAC observation onsite of the auditor, and annual auditor training and reporting requirements.

A practice must undergo an onsite audit to demonstrate that the standards have been successfully implemented.  The onsite audit verifies that practices are meeting the standards along with supporting the practice during the process.  URAC’s PCMH Practice Achievement can be awarded to a practice upon verification of the auditor’s evaluation of the practice for meeting the standards by URAC.

The URAC PCMH Program
URAC’s PCMH Program was developed as a step-wise program to guide practices as they transform into truly patient centered medical homes that focus on the integration of family, caregivers, patients, and care coordination in the delivery of quality health care.  The URAC PCMH Program can lead practices toward a strong cornerstone and coordinative hub of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

For additional information or if you have any questions about URAC PCMH Practice Achievement, please contact URAC’s Business Development Department at BusinessDevelopment@urac.org or call (202) 216-9010.


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