Applicants will use URAC’s interactive ParityManager™ software solutions to complete their MH/SUD Parity Accreditation Program applications. In addition, the secure platform can be used by health plans, third-party administrators and others to help build and maintain their respective Parity Compliance Programs even if they are not pursuing accreditation. Finally, regulators may opt to license the tool to support data collection for market conduct exams.  

URAC’s ParityManager™ includes the following industry-leading functions:

  • Provides an intuitive document management system to organize all the supporting operational documents necessary to demonstrate parity compliance
  • Uses a streamlined system to identify and classify covered benefits
  • Creates a framework for easy testing of financial requirements and quantitative treatment limits
  • Implements an innovative and streamlined approach to collecting and organizing the information necessary to perform comparability and stringency testing for non-quantitative treatment limits (NQTLs)
  • Provides a reporting function to produce parity compliance data for easy analysis; automatically identifies a wide range of parity violations and areas where there is a lack of information necessary to complete the parity compliance analysis
  • Generates important feedback loops and reports to ensure optimal parity compliance.

ParityManager™ facilitates the collection and maintenance of information needed to do a parity compliance analysis, but on its own does not automatically result in parity-compliant operations. 

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