State of Nevada, Public Employees' Benefits Program Earns URAC Accreditation

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On April 1st, the State of Nevada, Public Employee’s Benefits Program (PEBP) earned URAC Core Accreditation. The PEBP is the first public sector program in the country to receive Core Accreditation from URAC (As of March 15, 2018, URAC Core Accreditation is now URAC Organizational Management Certification).

“PEBP is honored to be recognized by URAC through their comprehensive accreditation program,” said Executive Officer Damon Haycock. “State employees, retirees and their dependents should feel proud and reassured knowing their health program has successfully shown it meets a higher national standard of healthcare, and we are excited to blaze the trail for other public sector programs.”

By achieving accreditation, PEBP has demonstrated its ability to meet rigorous standards in quality and accountability in such areas as Regulatory Compliance, Quality Management, Consumer Protection and Empowerment, Information Management, and Health Care System Coordination.

“By applying for and achieving Core Accreditation, The State of Nevada, Public Employees’ Benefits Program has demonstrated a commitment to quality that is rarely seen among public sector programs,” said URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green. “Quality healthcare is demanded and deserved by every patient. Through its commitment to quality and its willingness to measure themselves against national standards, PEBP has demonstrated its leadership among the nation’s public sector programs.”

“It is rare for government agencies managing vital health services to commit themselves to a rigorous process to validate the quality of their services. Nevada’s leadership on the issue of quality and its successful achievement of accreditation is an example of government at its best,” said URAC Vice President of Government Relations Aaron Turner-Phifer.

PEBP’s accreditation is effective April 1, 2018 through April 1, 2021. PEBP plans to continue to undergo the URAC accreditation review process every three years.

For those submitting applications after March 15, 2018, URAC Core Accreditation has transitioned to URAC Organizational Management Certification. For more information click here.