URAC Announces Software Vendor Eligibility for Organizational Management Certification Program

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WASHINGTON, DC – June 7, 2018 – Software vendors that meet certain eligibility criteria may now apply for URAC’s Organizational Management Certification, company officials announced today.

URAC designed the Organizational Management Certification program to offer independent third-party validation of operational elements in organizations within the healthcare industry or companies serving healthcare organizations but not eligible for other URAC recognition programs.

According to survey results from URAC clients, software vendors were the single most important service URAC-accredited organizations wanted to see certified. URAC certification demonstrates an organization’s capabilities in key management functions important for success in the healthcare industry. Certification is awarded to the software vendor for quality and excellence in management, and is not an endorsement of their products.

The Organizational Management standards are derived from URAC’s Core accreditation, which defines the foundational operating principles in most URAC accreditation programs.

“With the recent major revisions to our Core standards, we recognized that there are broad sectors of services impacting healthcare consumers for which URAC has not had an accreditation or certification program,” says URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green. “These types of organizations are increasingly seeking to demonstrate to stakeholders their commitment to high performance through elective independent validation that quality management principles are applied to their daily operations. Providing this certification program aligns with URAC’s mission to advance the quality of healthcare.”

URAC’s Organizational Management Certification focuses on four areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Consumer Protection and Empowerment
  • Operations and Infrastructure
  • Performance Management


The certification process stimulates organizations to review and confirm their operational soundness, set priorities, drive organizational improvements, and build strong processes.

Achievement of the Organizational Management Certification publicly demonstrates the organization’s commitment to quality.

For more information about this certification program, visit https://www.urac.org/programs/organizational-management-certification, or contact URAC business development at businessdevelopment@urac.org.

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