URAC’s New ‘Industry Insight Report’ Examines Challenges, Opportunities in Telehealth

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Washington, DC -- Independent accreditor URAC today published its latest industry insight report addressing the present and future of the telehealth industry. The report, Disrupting Healthcare: Risks and Rewards of Telehealth, examines the major factors driving the growth of telehealth in the U.S. healthcare sector, including financial incentives, changing medical philosophies and a growing need to serve patient populations who lack access to care.

Download the report here: http://info.urac.org/telehealthinsights cover of industry report

“Telehealth is one of the most vital and fast-growing sectors of the healthcare industry today – projected to top $100 billion in the next decade,” said Che Parker, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.  “This report looks at the industry, and also how URAC’s independent accreditation plays a key role in ensuring that telehealth services are meeting the best standards of modern medicine and cybersecurity.”

Telehealth stands in the midst of a complex regulatory environment, with a variety of laws in different states and from different insurers creating potential challenges for both doctors and institutions. Cybersecurity also remains a key concern for those engaged in remote care.

Finally, the report identifies the opportunities inherent in this fast-growing field. From driving down the cost of care to streamlining doctors’ workloads and allowing them to help more patients, widespread adoption and improvement of telehealth stands to benefit everyone in the field. However, with growth comes some risks, many of which can be mitigated through strong standards and the implementation of independent accreditation.

By having their programs accredited, telehealth providers show that they are committed to quality, safety and security.

Read the full paper by visiting info.urac.org/telehealthinsights.


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