Clinically Integrated Network Accreditation

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The only accreditation of its kind, URAC’s Clinically Integrated Network Accreditation provides the roadmap that healthcare networks need to be clinically integrated and avoid antitrust issues. It’s also the link in the transition from a PCMH to an accountable care organization. Additionally, understanding the value of integrated care, URAC weaves key behavioral health components into our Clinically Integrated Network Accreditation standards.

As an independent, third-party accreditation of clinical integration quality, URAC’s Clinically Integrated Network program is a path that a network can take to reduce its risk of unnecessary scrutiny by the FTC, DOJ, and their state counterparts. Our Clinically Integrated Network Accreditation standards align closely with FTC guidance and can be instrumental in assessing a network’s level of clinical and financial integration.

The URAC-accredited Clinically Integrated Network :

  • Aligns with antitrust guidelines for ensuring that providers collectively collaborate to improve patient care and control costs
  • Improves patient care experience and outcomes, while decreasing the cost of healthcare
  • Pursues opportunities in value-based contracting
  • Tracks quality across the continuum of care
  • Builds trust throughout the provider network
  • Provides oversight with standards that can evolve as the structures, processes, and systems evolve

Download our Clinically Integrated Network Standards-at-a-Glance.

Who may apply

Provider groups, such as multi-specialty, primary care practice groups and clinics, Independent Practice Associations and Physician-Hospital Organizations.

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