Community Pharmacy Accreditation

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As with specialty pharmacies, community pharmacies are also taking increasingly vital roles that provide clinical services directly to patients. This includes the delivery and monitoring of comprehensive patient counseling and education, patient medication management, pharmacy wellness and preventative services and other quality management initiatives that improve care and reduce overall healthcare costs.

URAC’s Community Pharmacy Accreditation was developed in response to the market need to differentiate community pharmacies that have the structure and processes in place to engage in more integrated, patient-centered and accountable care.

The URAC-accredited Community Pharmacy:

  • Maintains policies and procedures for identifying, managing, and communicating drug safety and efficacy issues, and risks that may compromise the safety of the consumer
  • Implements drug utilization management tools for achieving effective medication therapy management
  • Meets standards for staff training and education on regulatory requirements, including conflict of interest, regulatory reference materials and training materials
  • Has written policies and/or documented procedures to establish accountability for providing customer service regarding community pharmacy services
  • Empowers consumers through clear and accurate communications on consumer rights and responsibilities
  • Supports electronic prescribing and integrates essential aspects of drug utilization management
  • Provides medication therapy management services that are patient-specific and meet the needs of the individual patients
  • And more.

Download our Community Pharmacy Standards-at-a-Glance and Elements-at-a-Glance.

Who may apply

A duly licensed pharmacy in good standing within the jurisdiction of its practice that has at least one retail location handling prescription intake and dispensing as well as providing and reporting outcomes on medication therapy management and drug therapy management.

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