Charting a Path to Success in the Changing Medicare Advantage Landscape

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The Medicare Advantage landscape is rapidly expanding. More than one third of Medicare beneficiaries are now enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, and with patient satisfaction scores in the mid-nineties, they seem happy with their choice. By some estimates, Medicare Advantage plans will capture 42 percent of the Medicare market by 2028.

But entering this market takes careful planning, persistence and vigilance. The Medicare Advantage market offers great opportunity, but also multiple challenges that call for innovation and creativity. This URAC Industry Insight Report offers perspectives from leaders on the front lines of the Medicare Advantage market, who are experiencing the challenges and rewards of offering Medicare Advantage plans.


  • How Innovation Health positioned itself to play a leading role in the market
  • Insights from Bright Health on identifying the right programs and systems to deliver the right care at the right time
  • How Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield addresses social determinants of health to overcome barriers to care
  • Why Medicare Advantage will help reduce costs and improve health outcomes for chronic care management

And much, much more.

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