Clinically Integrated Networks: A Framework for Clinical and Financial Success

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Discover how providers and healthcare organizations have navigated the complexities of forming clinically integrated networks to achieve success in the new value-based healthcare economy.  And how the clinical integration accreditation process builds a framework for success.

Interviews with St. Vincent’s Health Partners, Phoenix Children’s Care Network, Seattle Children’s Care Network, Monument Health, and Advanced Health Select, reveal how these organizations tackled the challenges, decreased costs, and improved care coordination and patient access.

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  • Engage physicians to help reduce unnecessary ER visits
  • Show strong commitment to collaborating with and supporting physicians
  • Use a centralized approach to improving patient access
  • Enable data analysis across the network to identify treatment and utilization trends, barriers to access, and cost trends
  • Ensure alignment with FTC regulations
  • Leverage URAC accreditation to negotiate with payers

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