Addition of Measures to URAC’s Telehealth Accreditation

URAC is pleased to present a draft list of proposed performance measures under
consideration for addition to our Telehealth Accreditation program for your review and
feedback. We invite you to review these proposed measures and share your comments and
recommendations with us during our public comment period, which begins July 18, 2017
and ends on August 31, 2017.

URAC regularly reviews and revises its measures to consistently align with current market
needs, government regulations, and industry trends. By doing so, URAC demonstrates
commitment to measuring and reporting on performance to offer greater transparency and
increase consumer empowerment.

Performance measures are incorporated within ten of our accreditation products in a multi-year,
multi-phase process designed to complement the accreditation process.

Our objective for evaluating the performance measures in the Telehealth Accreditation
program is threefold—First, to select and/or develop measures that are meaningful and
relevant for consumers, health plans, purchasers, and other decision makers. Second, to
promote quality improvement, efficiency, and effectiveness of the health care delivery
system. And third, to broaden the topic areas measured to provide a more comprehensive
view of quality while being sensitive to the administrative burden associated with the data
collection required to report performance to the public.

In the first phase of the measurement program, data provided to URAC can be used by the
reporting organizations for internal quality improvement and, if they choose, for reporting
to purchasers and clients. During this phase, URAC will analyze the measurement data, but
will not share any identifiable results publicly. This phase is complete. URAC is currently
in the second phase of the measurement program which requires a data verification process
performed by an independent, URAC approved data validation vendor. The third phase—
and ultimate goal of the measures program, is for identified data to be reported to the
public. Public reporting will demonstrate an organization’s commitment to high quality
and consumer transparency and help set industry benchmarks against which organizations
can be compared.

Similar to our standards development process, performance measure selection and
development is done collaboratively with multiple stakeholders working through a multistage
process that includes this public comment phase. URAC continues to solicit
stakeholder feedback on each measure as organizations begin to implement the measures
and collect data.

URAC has engaged key stakeholders through our Measures Advisory & Research
committee, in providing input to the measures evaluation process. The subset of measures
naturally fell into a number of domains: Engagement & Experience of Care,
Communication & Care Coordination, Access & Affordable Care, Prevention & Treatment,
Healthy Living, Safe Care, System/HIT Integration, Health Care Management, and Health
Care Disparities. Each of the measures of the subset was subsequently evaluated based on
additional criteria such as relevance, burden to collect, and endorsement status with the
goal being selection of a set of measures that was important to consumers and purchasers,
reliable and valid, and reasonable to collect from available sources.

Measures are designated as either “mandatory” or “exploratory”. Mandatory measures are
those that the organization is required to report as part of the accreditation process and
failure to report them may affect the accreditation status. Exploratory measures are those
that are “state-of-the-art” or “cutting edge” measures or measures for which there is not an
accepted, standardized, industry-wide measurement methodology.

Submitting Comments

The measure table provides a list of the proposed draft Telehealth performance measures.
You are welcome to comment in general on the addition of measures to the Telehealth
Accreditation Program, on any of the individual measures or their specifications, and/or
on the proposed classification of measures as mandatory or exploratory. Please provide
comments to URAC through the online comment form accessible through the link below.
Public comments are due no later than August 31, 2017.

URAC is committed to having the broadest possible input into its accreditation products.
We strive to ensure that our accreditation is meaningful to stakeholders across the health
care spectrum, including consumers, purchasers, providers, regulators, and policy makers.
Public input is a very important part of this process. We would greatly appreciate your
comments and suggestions on the draft list of performance measures that we propose to
add to the Telehealth Accreditation program.

Thank you for being an important part of URAC’s accreditation enhancement process.
For more information, please contact URAC’s Vice President for Quality, Research, and
Measurement, Marybeth Farquhar, at 202-962-8836 or via email at

Link to Table of Measures

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