Genetics Precision Medicine Accreditation Standards, Version 1.0

URAC is pleased to present draft  Genetics Precision Medicine (GPM) Accreditation standards. We invite your comments on the proposed standards during our public comment period, which begins August 15, 2017 and ends on September 15, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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Download a PDF of the Draft Genetics Precision Medicine (GPM) Accreditation standards

The GPM standards are designed to position accredited organizations to:

  • offer comprehensive and optimized clinical teams to include genetic counseling;
  • promote focus on prevention and prediction of disease;
  • promote earlier disease intervention than has been possible in the past;
  • reduce healthcare costs;
  • improve the patient and family experience;
  • be viable participants within emerging narrow networks as payers continue to seek models; and
  • frameworks of care to control costs while improving the patient experience.

The anticipated outcomes for payers include:

  • insight into GPM Specialty Networks and participating entities that have met minimum standards and procedures that confer specific advantages to patients and clinicians across various settings of care;
  • insight into GPM Specialty Networks quality management and risk management infrastructure;
  • improved ability to make more informed coverage decisions; and
  • insight into networks that are driven by cost-effective care.

URAC’s accreditation standards are developed in consultation with an independent advisory committee of health care experts and other health care stakeholders as well as through public comment. Changes made to the proposed GPM v1.0 standards after public comments will be reviewed and approved by the GPM Advisory Council and finally submitted to the URAC Board of Directors.

URAC is committed to having the broadest possible input into its standards development process. We strive to ensure that our accreditation is meaningful across the health care spectrum – including its effect on consumers, purchasers, providers, regulators, and the industry. Public input is considered to be a very important part of this process. For this reason, we would greatly appreciate any comments you may have on the proposed Genetics Precision Medicine standards.

Thank you for being an important part of URAC’s standards development process.

Genetics Precision Standards, Version 1.0
GPM accreditation addresses some of the complexities and issues resulting from the rapidly evolving nature of genomics and the rise of precision medicine.  With the significant advancements made in GPM in the last decade and the implications that these developments have on each of the key stakeholders and communities of interest, it is an appropriate time for URAC to propose benchmark accreditation standards for precision medicine provider networks.

Highlights of The Proposed GPM Standards:

Focus Areas in the GPM Accreditation standards address:

GPM Organization Structure and Operations

            GPM-SO 1: Business Documents

            GPM-SO 2: GPM Leadership

            GPM-SO 3: Staff Training and Qualifications

            GPM-SO 4: Consumer Safety

            GPM-SO 5: Financial Integration

GPM Health Information Technology

            GPM-TE 1: Information Systems

GPM Clinical Management

            GPM-CM 1:  Appropriate Use of Clinical Practice Protocols

            GPM-CM 2: Coordination of Care Program for Chronic Conditions and Co-morbidities

            GPM-CM 3: Self-Management

GPM-CM 4: Patient Care Philosophy

GPM-CM 5: Patient Care Integration

GPM Population Health

            GPM-PH 1: Population Health Management Programs

GPM Care Coordination

            GPM-CC 1:  Coordination of Care Program

GPM Performance Measurement and Reporting

            GPM-PMR 1: Metrics Development

            GPM-PMR 2: Internal Performance Measurement and Reporting

            GPM-PMR 3.0 Performance Improvement

            GPM-RPT 4.0 Measures Reporting

Submitting Comments
The proposed standards include numeric weights assigned for scoring purposes, along with mandatory requirements and optional leading indicator practices. The scope of the standards is defined and is included in the draft standards, which are provided on the public comment tool. Click here to read the draft standards and submit your comments.

You are welcome to comment on any aspect of the program: focus areas, standards, elements of performance, language and proposed scoring. Public comments will be accepted until 6:00 p.m. Eastern on Friday, September 15, 2017.

Click Here to Read the Draft Standards and Submit Your Comments


For more information on this new accreditation program, please contact URAC’s Strategic and Product Development Principal, Robin Adams 202-962-8835, or send email to


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