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Sign the application agreement for accreditation

Higher Standards. Better Results.

The practice of drug therapy management has one goal: drive better results. In today’s value-based health care environment, case management, disease management, pharmacy and other organizations employ a suite of clinical services to help patients get the optimal benefit from their medications as well as prevent costly adverse medication-related events.

Organizations who achieve URAC’s respected Drug Therapy Management (DTM) Accreditation demonstrate to providers and payers they meet the highest standards as they incorporate sophisticated DTM practices into patient care programs. The collaborative accreditation process enables URAC experts to work closely with your team to assess a wide range of clinical and business activities, including:

  • Formulating medication treatment plans
  • Monitoring efficacy and safety of medication therapy
  • Enhancing medication adherence through patient empowerment and education
  • Optimizing business relationships, marketing materials and information management

Long-lasting Benefits

The rigorous URAC accreditation process will raise the bar throughout your organization, leading to numerous advantages, such as:

  • Driving appropriate therapeutic outcomes for consumers and reducing adverse events
  • Promoting evidence-based medicine through rational, clinically appropriate, safe and cost-effective practices
  • Encouraging clear communication about medication use

In addition, achieving this gold standard credential provides further benefits:

  1. Elevates contracting power, credibility and differentiation over competitors as payers and stakeholders are assured of organizational competency
  2. Provides a practical roadmap for ongoing improvement with operational and clinical infrastructure, processes and efficiencies
  3. Delivers risk management peace-of-mind with standards that prevent and manage liabilities
  4. Inspires innovation through a non-prescriptive approach that support your specific business and clinical practices
  5. Validates compliance with all state and federal regulations, licensing and other regulatory requirements
  6. Helps you stay informed of breaking industry trends

Who May Apply

Pharmacy benefit management companies, health plans and other health care organizations are welcome to apply for this credential.