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GluCare Integrated Diabetes Center

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Sign the application agreement for accreditation

The Dubai Health Authority has made Telehealth Accreditation a requirement to provide those services in their country, and URAC is recognized accreditation standard in the DHA Standards for Telehealth Handbook. Contact us to learn how we can help you get accredited.

URAC International Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Programs Give You Competitive Advantage

Join leading international organizations, including Ain Shams University Virtual Hospital in Egypt Glucare Integrated Diabetes Center in Dubai – pursue URAC accreditation to help prepare you to meet the evolving challenges in digital health worldwide.

Be Better Prepared to Innovate for Success

URAC has over 30 years of health care accreditation experience that can help your organization demonstrate a commitment to quality patient care and drive continuous improvement that can provide better outcomes. 

An international health care revolution is emerging, using technology to address health care issues across the globe, bringing the very best health care to the world. URAC international accreditations allow these thought leaders and their organizations to lead the way in this health care transformation. 

Benefit from URAC’s 30 years of health care expertise  

  • Customized roadmap specific to your organization’s specific goals 
  • Collaborative process to facilitate improvement in your organization 
  • Gold star accreditation to highlight your expertise to partners 

URAC international accreditation offers leading global health organizations the opportunity to showcase their commitment to the highest quality and outcomes in telehealth, remote patient monitoring and health websites to help you deliver better care for your patients. 

URAC’s international accreditation standards embrace the functions and widely accepted guidelines and protocols that foster patient safety. All URAC international health care recognition programs are built on important patient protections, including professional oversight and quality management, technology capacity requirements and user proficiency and risk management. 

What our Clients say

Hoda Wahba, MD
Ain Shams University Virtual Hospital

URAC is a member of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth(ISfTeH). We are an independent, nonprofit accreditation entity, whose mission it is to advance health care quality through leadership, accreditation, measurement and innovation. Founded in 1990 as a third-party health care quality validator, URAC brings a wealth of digital health accreditation experience to international organizations.

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Digital Health Accreditation Programs


International Telehealth Accreditation Programs

Telehealth or Telemedicine programs had already begun gaining momentum, but with COVID-19, the practice of delivering medical care virtually has escalated from infrequent possibility to daily reality. In this rapidly changing field, telehealth service providers who achieve URAC accreditation are at the forefront of the sea-change, prepared to meet the evolving challenges and benefit from coming opportunities.

URAC has over 30 years accreditation experience and we are the first to offer independent oversight of telehealth programs in the United States. Our Telehealth Accreditation Program (TAP) offers providers much more than validation of high performance by an independent third party. URAC delivers a flexible framework that readies your organization to succeed on this new frontier.

The use of telehealth has been shown to allow for better long-term care management and patient satisfaction; it also offers a new means to locate health information and communicate with practitioners (e.g., via email and interactive chats or video conferences), thereby increasing convenience for the patient and provider.

Telehealth is everywhere in health care today, whether meeting consumer demand or due to emergency medical necessity. Simply put, URAC’s TAP accreditation readies your organization to meet those demands and exceed industry standards.

To meet authorities and regulations of the region, URAC's Accreditation programs are robust and have sustainable accreditation standards with education-based compliance and quality solutions. URAC Telehealth Accreditation defines excellence in telehealth. Now is the time to act.

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What our Clients say.

Carolyn Palsky
GluCare Integrated Diabetes Center

Ain Shams University
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