Elevate your quality of care through performance measurement

Performance measurement is also important to policy makers, and the results increasingly significant for reimbursement. In this way, URAC’s measurement data helps arm organizations as they build and grow their business. In addition, the robust nature of our aggregated data enables URAC-accredited organizations to benchmark their performance in relation to others, as well as see industry trends. URAC has collected measurement data since 2016 and we require measures as part of the accreditation in one third of our programs.

Applications of Measure Data

URAC-applications-of-measure-data infographic

Ultimately, benchmarking provides you with a path to quality improvement – whether through refining processes, upgrading your systems or undertaking other actions that will improve outcomes. Likewise, data validation is done in a collaborative educational way to help organizations improve on existing practices which leads to continuous quality improvement.

URAC promotes quality patient care and improved outcomes through the development of standards and the measurement of validated performance data.