How We Select Measures

Measures selection is a continuous process at URAC. With our priority of consumer protection and empowerment, our measurement efforts focus on outcome measures, composite measures and flexible of measures collection.

The selection process includes an environmental scan, literature review, public comment, focus groups, expert opinions and reviews by URAC Advisory Groups and Committees. Selected measures align with URAC's Quality Domains. Specific URAC accreditation programs require ongoing monitoring and reporting of quality measures.

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Performance Measures Process

To successfully submit performance measures, you must:

  1. Review of reporting instructions
    • Published annually in Q4
    • Review as soon as possible so you can prepare your systems to collect performance measurement data for your first reporting period
  2. Measures collection (Year 2)
    • Starting January 1, collect the data required for your accreditation program
  3. Data validation (Year 3)
    • Depending on your program, collected data may need independent validation by a URAC-approved data validation vendor prior to submission
    • Validation must be done in the same year the data is expected to be reported
  4. Measures submission (Year 3)*
    • Submit your data (from the previous calendar year) during the measures submission period of July 1-September 30
    • Measures submission is required every year your organization maintains accreditation

*Pharmacy accreditation programs require validation of measures data before submission to URAC. Validation ensures data accuracy, and enables reporting to draw reliable comparisons between organizations. Health plan programs must follow CMS requirements for auditing.


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