Leading the way to exceptional health care for all

As a company, we take pride in the high standards we set for organizations seeking URAC accreditation. These standards help elevate the quality and safety of care for millions of people. Our executive team is at the helm of all we do. A shared purpose drives each leader, yet every one reached their destination at URAC differently. Read on for their stories.

Shawn Griffin

Shawn Griffin, MD

President and CEO
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Maggie Cornett

Maggie Cornett, MS

Chief Information Officer
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Houeida Saad

Houeida Saad, MA, JD

General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer & Privacy Officer
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David Souders

David Souders, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
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Daniel Spirn, Vice President of Government Relations

Daniel Spirn, JD, MA

Vice President of Government Relations
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Eleni Theodoropoulos

Eleni Theodoropoulos

Vice President, Quality, Research and Measurement
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Karen Watts

Karen Watts, PhD, RN, PMP

Vice President, Accrediting and Client Services
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