URAC’s full accreditation and certification standards are available for purchase and download here.

Setting the standards that help improve care

To get to your destination, you need a map to guide you there. URAC standards are that map for organizations looking to improve their quality of care and safety. And while we set the standards, we don’t get prescriptive about how you achieve them. This approach supports and encourages your team’s innovation with best practices.

To develop the standards, we depend on a multidisciplinary advisory group to guide development and inform revisions to existing programs. This group includes payers, doctors, hospitals, our Board of Directors, Standards Committees and other industry experts. We also post new standards and revisions for comment before their release.

This inclusive collaboration results in standards that:

  • Promote industry best practices
  • Encourage quality improvement
  • Protect and empower consumers

Building a strong standards foundation

Four foundational focus areas overlay all our accreditation programs. We believe these areas fundamentally elevate the standard of care across the health care industry.

  • Risk management
  • Operations infrastructure
  • Performance monitoring and improvement
  • Consumer protection and empowerment

Our programs are further strengthened by certification-specific standards and evidence-based measures.