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Sign the application agreement for accreditation

Consumer Safe Content

Studies show that more than 80 percent of Americans turn to the Internet for health-related information. With the proliferation of new medical knowledge on digital outlets, those who provide the best health content solutions are helping people make better health decisions and building a stronger connection with their audiences.

Earning the respected Health Content Provider Certification from URAC demonstrates to all your stakeholders—including clients, clinicians, other content providers and consumers—that your organization creates health content that is evidence-based and consumer-safe.

Like the Health Website Accreditation, the Health Content Provider Certification standards align with URAC’s focus on consumer safety and empowerment. As a subset, this program closely examines key areas such as:

  • Accessibility including plain language and cultural diversity
  • Author and reviewer qualifications
  • Content development and management
  • Staff management
  • Regulatory compliance, internal controls and business continuity
  • Organizational policies and procedures, including the consumer complaint process
  • Disclosures
  • Health content editorial policies
  • Quality oversight and accountability

Long-Lasting Benefits

The rigorous URAC certification is considered the gold standard in the industry and yields numerous advantages. These include:

  • Provides assurance to clients and stakeholders that your health content authors and reviewers are licensed, credentialed and able to critically evaluate health information
  • Delivers risk management peace-of-mind with standards and procedures that manage potential liabilities related to therapeutic claims, professional and ethical guidelines, and other factors
  • Presents a valued credential of quality that demonstrates your organizational high standards and capabilities

Download our Health Content Provider Standards-at-a-Glance.

What to Expect

In six months or less, URAC will collaborate with your team to create a flexible framework for continuous improvement without prescribing how to meet those standards. URAC’s approach stimulates innovation across the continuum of care through email, conference calls and educational webinars.

Who May Apply?

Organizations that provide health content and health education or those with websites offering health content are encouraged to apply.