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Under the ACA, to operate on the Exchanges, qualified health plans must be accredited by a recognized accrediting entity such as URAC.

URAC Health Plan Accreditation with Long-Term Services and Supports

URAC Health Plan Map of the USA
URAC Health Plan Map of the USA

URAC offers health plan accreditation in all states and territories

And there are 13 states where URAC fulfills state requirements for health plan accreditation: Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Vermont.

URAC now offers a Health Plan Long-term Services and Supports (LTSS) module that health plans can use to demonstrate their commitment to addressing the needs of their LTSS patients in an effective and resource-efficient manner.

LTSS encompasses the broad range of paid and unpaid medical and personal care assistance that health plan members may need – for several weeks, months, or years – when they experience difficulty completing self-care tasks as a result of aging, chronic illness, or disability.

You have a choice in your Health Plan Accreditor!


Now more than ever, it’s important for health plans of all sizes to ensure they are working with the best accreditor for their needs. URAC’s updated Health Plan Accreditation program addresses the needs of health plans by streamlining our standards to shorten the timeline.

Our new affordable and competitive pricing ensures health plans get the best value for their accreditation dollars with URAC.

What makes us better than and different from other health plan accreditors? URAC Health Plan Accreditation:

  • Allows health plans to be in the driver’s seat to establish their own metrics and performance monitoring so they are meaningful to the plan’s goals
  • Includes contemporary concepts about artificial intelligence, machine learning and regulatory requirements regarding network management
  • Addresses mental health parity, which is increasingly important and enforced by individual states and the Federal Department of Labor

Be Better Prepared

At URAC, the Health Plan Accreditation process is more than collecting metrics and box checking. Only URAC offers you extensive industry knowledge through a comprehensive program that creates the structure to drive efficiencies and outcomes in today’s value-based model of health care.

What does it take to get Accreditated

Who May Apply

Health plans, including commercial plans such as health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organization, self-insured and Medicaid plans, are eligible to apply. As a non-profit working to strengthen quality standards across the health care continuum, URAC now offers special pricing to accommodate small health plans.