Accreditation Process

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URAC’s approach to the accreditation process facilitates learning in the client organization. Rather than simply checking off a list of requirements, the organization going through our accreditation process is creating a framework for continuous improvement. While URAC sets the standards, we do not dictate how they are achieved. This approach supports and stimulates local innovation. And is the real value in achieving the URAC accreditation seal.

Navigating the Accreditation Process

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Two-Part Application Process

As a URAC client, you’ll be assigned an account manager and access to the secure web portal, AccreditNet®. You’ll begin the two-part application process.

  • Part One is required to approve your organization as an applicant
  • Part Two includes uploading required information to AccreditNet®
  • Completion of the application process is usually six to nine months.
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Desktop Review

In the Desktop Review (DTR) period, your documentation is checked to ensure it demonstrates compliance with URAC standards.

  • Deficiencies in the application are addressed through a Request for Information (RFI)
  • You may communicate with URAC reviewers via email, telephone, or web conferencing
  • The initial DTR usually takes 30 to 45 days
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Validation Review

The validation review is conducted at your location(s) or through web conferencing, depending on the accreditation program.

  • Your leadership and staff members are interviewed
  • Reviewers validate implementation of systems, work processes, and policies and procedures described in the DTR
  • You’ll get a debriefing of the findings at the end
  • URAC generates a score representing your organization’s compliance level
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Committee Review

This is a formal assessment by URAC’s volunteer Accreditation Committee, which comprises recognized experts in healthcare fields relevant to the accreditation program you are pursuing.

  • The Accreditation Committee considers the review findings, along with the validation review score, to determine your application status
  • Full accreditation and other designations are awarded or discussed
  • You’ll be notified of the results normally within one week of the decision
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Monitoring is key to ensuring sustainability of the programs covered by URAC accreditation.

  • Many of URAC’s programs require organizations to collect and report quality measures on an annual basis
  • URAC may provide 14 day’s notice to conduct a mid-cycle Onsite Review to confirm ongoing compliance

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