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Programs that Require Measures Reporting

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Measures Reporting Timeframe

Measures selection and development is a continuous process at URAC. The calendar year following the year that your program becomes URAC accredited is your first measurement period. You’ll collect measurement data for the year. The reporting period for that data begins the next calendar year on July 1 and ends on September 30. You’ll be required to report measures values during this period. Then, each year after the third year, you will be required to report measures values from the data you collected the previous year.

For example:

  • Calendar Year One: Your organization becomes URAC accredited.
  • Calendar Year Two:  This is the first measurement period. Your organization collects data during this calendar year.
  • Calendar Year Three, July 1 – September 30:  This is your reporting period to submit measures values from data collected in calendar year two.

Data Validation and Measures Submission

Health plan and pharmacy accreditation programs are required to have measures data validated prior to submission. You will submit your measures data to URAC through a secure, web-based survey platform.

Data validation services are currently being offered by seven URAC-approved vendors. Click here to download information on these vendors in PDF format.

URAC Pharmacy clients may select and contract with any of the URAC-approved data validation vendors. Direct links to each of their websites are available by clicking on the vendor names below:

Advent Advisory Group
Attest Health Care Advisors
DHS Group
HealthcareData Company, LLC
Health Data Decisions
Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG)


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