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Remote Patient Monitoring A Health Care Revolution
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a fast-growing health care solution, as more patients who need care don’t always require a visit with a provider to receive their care. In this webinar, leaders from URAC and URAC-accredited VyTrac define RPM, talk about how it differs from telehealth, discuss some of the technological and political challenges facing remote patient monitoring, and share how accreditation improves patient care.

In this webinar, Shawn Griffin, MD, President & CEO of URAC joins Zachary Fink, Co-Founder and President of VyTrac to discuss the URAC accreditation process and how earning the URAC seal of accreditation is helping VyTrac thrive in a growing and competitive market. You’ll learn how URAC’s accreditation can help your organization stand apart from the crowd and some steps you might want to take to prepare for accreditation.

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