About the Webinars

URAC Health Plan Accreditation gives you the choice backURAC is pleased to announce a series of on-demand webinars designed for established clients on the new, streamlined Health Plan v8.1 series of accreditation programs, which includes the standards for Health Plan, Marketplace Health Plan, Medicaid Health Plan (v1.1), Health Network, Health Utilization Management and Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management.

We will also review the new Long-term Services and Supports module option available to Health Plan and Medicaid Health Plan applicants. Each webinar will cover at least one focus area and will emphasize the changes made for this major revision.

On-Demand Webinar Series

  • Health Utilization Management and Worker's Compensation Utilization Management (see recordings)
  • Population Health Management and Long-Term Services and Support (see recordings)
  • Medicaid Module (see recordings)
  • Network Management (see recordings)
  • Member Services and Communications (see recordings)
  • Credentialing Management (see recordings)
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (PBM-PT) and Formulary and Drug Management (PBM-FMD) (see recordings)
Webinar Recordings