Measures FAQs

What is the difference between a standard and a measure?

URAC standards are the policies, procedures, and rules required for an organization to obtain and maintain URAC accreditation. The standards are intended to provide a base in which quality can be achieved.

URAC performance measures are tools used to evaluate quality and/or cost. These programs are designated by the RPT-1 (M) and RPT-2 (L) standards. Measures are reported as a numerator, denominator, and rate.

How do I know if my organization must submit measures?

Your organization is required to submit measures if the program version you were accredited under contains the Measure Reporting Standards (e.g., RPT-1 and RPT-2).  URAC-accredited organizations are required to submit all Mandatory measures on an annual basis at a minimum, pursuant to the RPT-1 standard indicated in the program-specific standard guides. Because this standard has a mandatory compliance rating; failure to submit mandatory measures on an annual basis adversely affects an organization’s accreditation status.  Per the RPT-2 standard, submitting exploratory measures are not essential to meet the reporting requirement; however, submission is strongly encouraged so that the measures can be further assessed for benefit. 

How often is my organization required to report measures?

Your organization is required to report measures annually, following the first measurement period.

What is a measurement period?

The measurement period is the timeframe that an organization prepares their data systems and collects data, typically a calendar year.

When is my organization's first measurement period and when do we first report the measures?

Your organization’s first measurement period is the calendar year following the year in which it received URAC accreditation. You’ll be required to report the measures the next calendar year. So, if your organization is accredited in 2018, your first measurement period is 2019, your reporting year is 2020.

What is a reporting year?

The reporting year is the year following the measurement period, when organizations report the measures values collected during the measurement period.

How are measures reported to URAC?

URAC provides organizations with access to a portal for submission of measures information. Prior to the measure submission period, user credentials and a direct link to the portal will be provided to each organization’s primary contact.

When does the measures portal open and close during the reporting year?

The measures portal is open from July 1st through September 30th.  There will be no extensions granted to submit data after the portal closes.

Where can I find the instructions for data collection to submit measures?

Reporting instructions and templates are updated annually and available in the fall of each year. The reporting instructions and templates can be accessed through AccreditNet under the Resources section.  You can also request this information from your account manager or by emailing

Does my data need to be validated?

Organizations with a Health Plan and/or Health Plan with Health Insurance Marketplace accreditation and Pharmacy Quality Management ® programs are required to have their measurement data validated by an independent third party.  Pharmacy programs began submitting validated measure data in 2016; health plans with marketplace accreditation must follow the government guidelines for validation and submission. 

When will the measures specifications be made available?

URAC reviews the current list of measures on an annual basis to determine if a measure needs to be updated or retired.  Updated measure specification documents will be available annually in the fall and will be applicable to the upcoming reporting period.  The updated specifications can be found in the resources tab of AccreditNet.

What is a Pharmacy ISCA and where can I find it?

The Pharmacy Information Systems Capability Assessment© (ISCA) is a form completed by accredited organizations for a program that requires data validation for measurement submission.  The form is used to detail the organizations policies, processes, data quality control procedures, and to support the data collection and reporting processes required to maintain accreditation.  The Pharmacy ISCA can be found under the Resources section of AccreditNet.

Is there a fee to submit measurement data?

Yes.  A fee is assessed every year for use of the portal to submit measures.  This fee is evaluated on an annual basis and may change.  Access to URAC’s reporting platform is contingent upon receipt of payment.

Is there a separate fee for data validation?

Yes.  When data validation is required, an accredited organization will contract directly with an approved data validation vendor who will charge a fee for their services. 

Where can I find a list of the approved data validation vendors?

They are located on the URAC website in the Measurement Section.

Who do I contact if I have questions about measurement and measures?

Questions can be directed to the Quality, Research & Measurement Department at URAC. They can be reached via email at:

Please include the following information to ensure a timely and accurate response to your inquiry,:

  • Application Number
  • Organization Name
  • Accreditation Program and version
  • Measure number (If Applicable)
Is my organization required to submit an annual measures attestation?

No.  An annual measures attestation is not required.

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