What inspired you to enter the health care industry?

Health care is meaningful and impacts every single person. Early in my career, I worked for a Fortune 100 company. While I learned a lot and am thankful for that opportunity, I recognized that my personal satisfaction centers around helping people and their well-being. My second inspiration, my mother, was a career nurse and clinical educator, which allowed me great insight into the broader aspects of health care as well as a dedication to service. It helped clarify that I didn’t have to be a clinician to positively contribute to care.

Why did you come to URAC?

I came to URAC to work within the Quality, Research & Measurement department in 2015. Since I had experience with measurement, IT, quality and accreditation in my previous roles, I was very excited to contribute to high quality care, continuous improvement,and measurement at a broader level within the health care industry.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Healthcare is always changing. There are continuous opportunities to learn and improve upon existing evidence and/or processes while also finding creative solutions to problems. I have been fortunate to work with many stakeholders, who represent different health care segments and perspectives, who are simply looking to take care of people in the best way possible. There is a level of collaboration and spirit of excellence that is simply unmatched. It’s a true inspiration working with very talented people who have dedicated their lives to health care service and improving care.

What motivates you to do your best at work every day?

The challenges faced by health care organizations – be they large or small – are impacting people’s lives. In our unique roles, we provide insight into the quality of care being provided to consumers, families and patients. Organizations that have earned the URAC accreditation seal demonstrate high quality to consumers and patients as well as the health care industry at large.