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Sign the application agreement for accreditation

Health Call Center Overview

The health call center (HCC) is often the frontline of patients’ interaction with their hospital, clinic or health plan. This makes your medical call center’s accessibility, timeliness, accuracy and quality of health information even more critical to patient satisfaction and retention.

The hallmark of a successful health care call center is quick and effective inquiry resolution and clinical triage by credentialed, well-trained staff no matter what communication channel is used (telephonic, live chat, text, email or others). With URAC’s Health Call Center Accreditation, clients recognize your high level of expertise and commitment to operate such a program and improve the user experience.

The URAC Difference

URAC’s HCC Accreditation infrastructure requires that you meet 40 specific core call center monitoring standards of best-in-class call center operations across the following areas:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Delegated Functions
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Information Management
  • Quality Management
  • Staffing and Oversight
  • Consumer Rights, Safety and Satisfaction

Our accreditation also includes standards for clinical staff qualifications, training and roles of non-clinical staff, telephone performance thresholds, response times, handling of triage calls, information sharing, feedback to physicians and more.

Is This Accreditation Right For Me?

Not sure if your organization is better suited for URAC's Health Call Center Accreditation or Contact Center Certification? This video chat can help. Click the NEXT button below to see which of these is the better fit for you.

Health Call Center Best Practices & Benefits of Accreditation

Our three-year Health Care Center Accreditation readies your organization to deploy best practices in call center management and exceed customer expectations. It also validates your ability to offer clients a return on their investment by:

  • Serving as an extension of their brand and supporting client growth through targeted strategies that attract and retain users and improve the patient relationship
  • Resolving calls more quickly and better using the latest technologies and software applications while ensuring patient safety and privacy
  • Establishing a roadmap to improve key call center performance indicators over time that elevate service delivery
  • Implementing risk management oversight and review protocols that reduce client liabilities, enhance data security and ensure regulatory compliance

What to Expect

Within six months or less, we will collaborate with your team to create a flexible framework for health call center operation, oversight, monitoring and continuous improvement. While our experts define call center standards of excellence, they do not prescribe how organizations must meet those standards.

URAC’s thorough approach stimulates innovation for the health call center through email, conference calls and educational webinars.

View our Health Call Center Standards-at-a-Glance for more information.

Who May Apply

Accreditation is open to a wide range of HCCs including: hospitals, hospital call centers, triage and crisis lines, state agencies, pharmaceutical drug hotlines, health plans, health call centers, medical management companies, behavioral health care organizations or disease management companies.

Organizations that provide non-health care services are not eligible for this program; however, they can apply for URAC’s Contact Center Accreditation.