URAC accredits small business pharmacies
URAC accredits small business pharmacies

3 easy steps to begin your URAC accreditation

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Sign the application agreement for accreditation
Sign the application agreement for accreditation
Wonder what URAC Pharmacy Accreditation Program is right for you?

URAC’s updated version of Mail Service Accreditation for Small Business:

  • Moves to URAC’s Foundational Focus Areas
  • Aligns standards with current industry best practice
  • Reduces document uploads which saves time with application

Special Pricing for Small Mail Service Pharmacies

URAC offers you the same Mail Service Pharmacy Accreditation prized by large organizations at a highly affordable price. No matter what your size, URAC accreditation will advance your quality as well as increase opportunities to participate in additional networks. Eligible small pharmacies may self-report metrics, saving validation and measurement submission fees.

Participation Criteria

URAC welcomes a conversation to discuss your organization and special pricing, which involve criteria such as:

  1. Total revenue in the most recent fiscal year
  2. Closely held company status
  3. Community pharmacy or closed-door pharmacy model

What to Expect

At URAC, our accreditation process is more than collecting metrics and checking boxes. URAC offers your pharmacy a collaborative, comprehensive learning experience, driven by your organization's specific needs.

Who May Apply

Small Pharmacies located in the United States that ship prescription medicines directly to consumers.

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