Ain Shams University Virtual Hospital Becomes URAC's First International Telehealth Customer

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Ain Shams University Hospital (ASUH), the main provider of emergency and specialized health care services in Egypt and one of the most important hospitals in the Middle East, has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and improving quality by becoming the first international organization to enter into an agreement with URAC for Telehealth Accreditation.

“Now more than ever, quality is a necessity, not a luxury,” said Shawn Griffin, MD, president and CEO at URAC. “URAC’s rigorous accreditation process is designed to stress test organizations and help them identify ways to raise the quality bar,” Griffin added. “It’s not easy to achieve, nor should it be, and I salute Ain Shams University Hospital for being the first international organization to begin the process to reach this important achievement. URAC accreditation is a symbol of excellence for organizations to showcase their validated commitment to quality and accountability, and they should be very proud of what they have accomplished for their patients and health care system.”

The President of Ain Shams University, Professor Mahmoud El Meteini, has supported Ain Shams University Virtual Hospital since its launch in 2016 and has continually encouraged international recognition and partnerships. “Beginning this relationship with URAC is an honor for our organization and a signal to our patients and workforce that we are driven by providing the best health care possible,” said Professor Ashraf Omar, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Chairman of ASUH board. “As the world grapples with COVID-19, we want to take every step possible toward ensuring we are operating our telemedicine program at the highest level to help face this pandemic. We know that the use of telemedicine will only continue to expand after the pandemic and earning URAC telehealth accreditation will help us grow while maintaining safety, security and ensuring the best outcomes and highest quality. We’re looking forward to expanding our services in our communities, powered by an esteemed accreditation and the endorsement of a respected third-party partner,” Professor Omar continued.

Ain Shams University Virtual Hospital (ASUVH) is a pioneering institutional health care and technology hub. It operates via the “Treat, Teach, and Innovate” initiative to reach the less-served areas in Egypt and Africa to improve health care services and facilitate capacity-building. It also helps establish medical services that will lead to nationwide services run by local organizations, in order to ensure sustainability. It achieves this goal through using blended telemedicine and onsite training. URAC accreditation in telehealth marks this program as one with the highest quality standards.

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Founded in 1990, URAC is the independent leader in promoting health care quality through leadership, accreditation, measurement and innovation. URAC is a nonprofit organization that uses evidence-based measures and develops accreditation standards through inclusive engagement with a range of stakeholders committed to improving the quality of health care. Their portfolio of accreditation and certification programs spans the health care industry, addressing health care management and operations, health plans, pharmacies, telehealth, physician practices, and more. URAC accreditation is a symbol of excellence for organizations to showcase their validated commitment to quality and accountability.