Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

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As the healthcare system transitions to value-based payment models, pharmacists and pharmacies are becoming increasingly vital members of the patient management team.

The role of specialty pharmacies, which serve patients with complex, chronic diseases, is even more critical to patient outcomes – ultimately driving financial outcomes.

URAC’s Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation helps specialty pharmacies position themselves and demonstrate their value in delivering these specialized clinical services. Many payers and manufacturers recognize the URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation as a key differentiator and independent validation of quality – often including this accreditation as a requirement to participate in their network.

The URAC-accredited specialty pharmacy:

  • Has policies and procedures in place to ensure consumers have access to appropriate drugs/medications
  • Maintains methods to measure customer satisfaction
  • Protects consumer health information
  • Has policies and procedures that ensure adherence to drug safety protocols
  • Follows a logical blueprint for quality management, maintenance, and reporting
  • Meets rigorous performance measures for accuracy and turnaround time of dispensed prescriptions
  • Has a patient-centered strategy for its patient management program that includes coordination of care, communication and education, patient rights and responsibilities
  • Ensures the timeliness and performance of customer service center operations, including time to answer telephone inquiries
  • Reports mandatory performance measures to URAC
  • And more.

Click here to download our free Industry Insight Report, Competing in the Specialty Pharmacy Market: Key Competencies for Performance in Value-Based Healthcare.

Who may apply

Duly licensed pharmacies in the jurisdiction of their practice that have at least one prescription intake processing site and at least one dispensing site that distributes through mail carrier. The pharmacy serves patients with needs that include drugs for chronic conditions, acute events, and fertility.

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