Specialty Pharmacies and Clinical Intervention Outcomes

Health care reform has been a hot topic for decades, with leaders and advocates constantly struggling to decide which care and payment models are best for patients, providers and payers. Recent trends require interdisciplinary care teams to use data from various sources, including electronic health records, to inform and adjust care plans.

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URAC Pharmacy Programs

Our Pharmacy Accreditation suite of programs show partners, payers and patients that your pharmacy adheres to the strictest standards and can assure them of highest quality in all areas of these specialized clinical services.

Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

Performs and/or delegates the dispensing of specialty medications.

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Mail Service Pharmacy Accreditation

Ships traditional prescription medicines and/or supplies.

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Pharmacy Services Accreditation

Vaccine Administration, Point-of-Care Testing, Drug Therapy Management, Community Dispensing.

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Specialty Physician Practice Dispensing Accreditation

Physician's office dispensing specialty medications from a physician order.

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Rare Disease Certification

Manages rare disease-related services/assistance/specialized care.

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Specialty Pharmacy Services Accreditation

Performs support services for specialty pharmacies; does not dispense medications.

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Specialty Pharmacy Accrediation for Small Business

Created for small specialty pharmacies.

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Mail Service Pharmacy Accreditation For Small Businesses

Created for small mail service pharmacies.

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Infusion Pharmacy Accreditation

Non-Medicare pharmacy-based infusion organizations.

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Medicare Home Infusion Therapy Supplier Accreditation

Medicare pharmacy-based infusion organizations.

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Pharmacy Benefit Management Accreditation

Pharmacy benefit management companies, health plans, other health care organizations.

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Opioid Stewardship Designation

Manages patients' use of or access to opioid medication.

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Mental Health at Work Accreditation

Showcases your organization's commitment to your employees' mental health.

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Health Equity Accreditation

Allowing all health care organizations to highlight their commitment to health equity in the communities they serve.

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