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Specialty Pharmacy Services Accreditation serves to recognize both regional and national organizations that support specialty pharmacy clinical functions. The program allows specialty pharmacy services organizations the ability to demonstrate their compliance with URAC standards to their partner pharmacies, who delegate key clinical services to them.

The ideal candidate for Specialty Pharmacy Services Accreditation is a “hub” organization that provides services to partner specialty pharmacies that provide dispensing services. The hub organization can pursue accreditation to recognize compliance with the Patient Management Focus Area, as well as many Patient Services and Communication Elements of Performance. There is no measure reporting and the accreditation cycle is a full three years.

Partner pharmacies affiliated with the hub organization pursue Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation directly with URAC with a referral from the hub. This Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation follows URAC’s standard review process and reports measures to URAC in compliance with specialty pharmacy accreditation measure requirements. The partner specialty pharmacy can delegate select functions to the hub organization as an URAC-accredited Specialty Pharmacy Services organization.

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Although this new program works in conjunction with Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation, it is separate and neither is a requirement of the other.

To apply for Specialty Pharmacy Services Accreditation, an organization must:

  • Provide support service functions for their licensed specialty pharmacies partners
  • Be a US-based organization with a unique tax ID operating in good standing
  • Contract with partner specialty pharmacies that must be in good standing, operating in the U.S.

Example functions of a Specialty Pharmacy Services organization include initial assessments, reassessments, medication education, clinical intervention analysis, etc. Please see the Standards-at-a-Glance for more information.

Note: A Specialty Pharmacy provides for dispensing of specialty medications and provision of patient management services.
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