Benefits of Accreditation

URAC certification demonstrates that an organization goes beyond regulatory compliance in its contact center operations and represents a commitment to excellence in service quality. Your URAC-certified contact center offers purchasers, patients and providers numerous benefits, including:

  • Quick and effective call resolution using the proven technologies and software applications
  • Consumer protections of information privacy and security, notifications, consent, operations oversight and consumer complaints processes
  • Customer relations that promote transparency and integrity, with the goal of optimizing the user experience.
  • Objective and systematic measurement, monitoring and evaluation of services and work processes, and implementation of quality improvement activities based upon the outcomes
  • Risk management oversight and review protocols that reduce client liabilities, enhance data security and ensure regulatory compliance

Is This Accreditation Right For Me?

Not sure if your organization is better suited for URAC's Health Call Center Accreditation or Contact Center Certification? This video chat can help. Click the NEXT button below to see which of these is the better fit for you.

What to Expect

URAC collaborates with your team to assess your approach to contact center management and creates a flexible framework for continuous improvement. While our experts define the standards of excellence, they do not prescribe how your organization should meet those standards.

Our three-year Contact Center Certification includes specific standards under the following Foundational Focus Areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Operations and Infrastructure
  • Consumer Protection and Empowerment

URAC standards also address privacy and security, customer relations, communications technology and quality oversight.

The certification process takes less than six months. Review our Contact Center Standards-at-a-Glance for more information.

Who May Apply

Contact centers, including free-standing enterprises or embedded functions of a larger health care enterprise, that provide one or more of the following services may apply:

  • Consumer Support Information and/or Advice
  • Customer Service/Product Support
  • Telemarketing/Telesales

Organizations providing clinical health triage services are not eligible for this program; instead, they should apply for URAC’s Health Call Center Accreditation.