The URAC Difference

URAC’s Credentials Verification Organization Accreditation infrastructure requires that you meet 40 specific core standards of best in class health care operations across the following areas:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Delegated Functions
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Information Management
  • Quality Management
  • Staffing and Oversight
  • Consumer Rights, Safety and Satisfaction

Our accreditation includes four additional sets of standards with specific requirements that address: credential verification processes, data integrity, communications and on-site reviews.

Benefits of Accreditation

For payers and providers alike, the prestigious URAC-accredited CVO offers several advantages, including:

  • Validation of your credentialing approach, which gives purchasers peace of mind they are contracting with highly qualified health care providers.
  • Organizational credibility that you have the knowledgeable staff, training, tools, workflows and experience to make unbiased, well-informed credentialing decisions
  • Verification of regulatory understanding and compliance and adherence to applicable state and federal standards
  • Minimization of legal exposure due to provider sanctions and malpractice claims
  • Development of a roadmap for ongoing process improvements to optimize primacy source verification timeliness and accuracy

What to Expect

We collaborate with your team to create a flexible framework for continuous improvement in credentials verification. While our experts define the standards of excellence, they do not prescribe how your organization must meet those standards.

URAC’s thorough approach stimulates innovation across the continuum of care through email, conference calls and educational webinars.

We award CVO accreditation for a full three years. View our Standards-at-a-Glance for more information.

Who May Apply

Credentialing organizations that provide services to health plans or other entities providing health care to consumers may apply. Your company must be operating as a CVO for at least six months prior to applying for accreditation under these standards.