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Sign the application agreement for accreditation
Wonder what URAC Pharmacy Accreditation Program is right for you?

Prepare Your Infusion Pharmacy

Infusion pharmacy is a rapidly growing area of specialty pharmacy services that can deliver substantial value to patients as well as payers, health systems and manufacturers.

To assure the highest quality care, URAC, the nation’s leading independent health care accreditation authority offers two accreditations. The standards for these two programs are the same, and many pharmacies pursue both accreditations simultaneously.

  • Infusion Pharmacy Accreditation — Addresses infusion therapy standards for all payers (except Medicare) and sites of administration
  • Medicare Home Infusion Therapy Supplier Accreditation — Medicare-deemed status. Covers practice management, consumer safety, complete care service and practice standards, guidelines and protocols

Accreditation Benefits

URAC accreditation:

  • Validates best practices in patient care and safety
  • Demonstrates coordinated patient care via a multidisciplinary team
  • Prepares you to meet specialized reporting requirements, monitor therapy-related safety protections and other ongoing specialty considerations

Download our Infusion Pharmacy Standards-at-a-Glance.

URAC Accreditation Process: What to Expect

At URAC, our accreditation process is more than collecting metrics and checking boxes. URAC offers your pharmacy a collaborative, comprehensive learning experience, driven by your organization's specific needs.

Who May Apply

Eligibility is open to pharmacy-based infusion therapy suppliers in good standing located in the United States. Infusion Pharmacy Accreditation applies to all payers and sites except Medicare home infusion suppliers.