Massive Telehealth Growth

While telehealth services had been showing modest growth in the previous three years, the COVID pandemic has supercharged telehealth usage as it becomes a preferred treatment modality for patients, providers and payers alike. Along with this rapid growth comes a high level of uncertainty about the quality of telehealth support. So URAC created its Telehealth Support Services (TSS) Certification to address this growing issue.

Certification Makes A Difference

Certification as a Competitive Advantage

Those telehealth support organizations that have earned a URAC TSS Certification benefit from having a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace – a landscape populated by new companies offering unique services, as well organizations that are looking to maximize these services. TSS Certification demonstrates that entities are committed to the highest levels of quality, safety, security and outcomes.

Telehealth Support Service Certification is ideal for organizations that support the entities that care for patients directly. This includes any vendors or contractors providing any subset of the functions covered by URAC’s Telehealth Accreditation Program. A TSS Certification proves to your customers that you have met the highest standards for patient safety and outcomes. Many URAC-accredited telehealth organizations look for this certification as the mark of a high-quality partner, vendor or contractor.

URAC’s TSS certification offers three advantages:

  • Expertise: URAC’s senior team has brought over 30 industry-leading accreditation programs to market. One of our key differentiators is our standards development process, which incorporates volunteer committees, public comment periods and beta testing.
  • Process Improvement: Throughout the review process, applicants use URAC’s standards to identify opportunities to improve quality and optimize business practices.
  • Third-Party Recognition: URAC accreditation should not only help organizations capture increased market share, but also demonstrate to stakeholders that their programs and processes are of the highest quality, helping ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes.

Who May Apply

Telehealth support services candidate organizations include vendors or contractors providing any subset of the functions covered by URAC’s Telehealth Accreditation including:

  • Credentialing
  • Patient portal
  • Telehealth platform
  • Business services
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Professional staff services

We award certification for a full three years. Download our Standards-at-a-glance for more information.

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