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Massive Telehealth Growth

URAC created its Telehealth Support Services (TSS) Certification to address the fact that many telehealth providers use partners for technical, clinical or educational support and those partners can benefit from demonstrating their commitment to the highest standards. Our certification is proof positive of an organization's dedication to following industry-leading standards for supporting telehealth providers. And our three modules offer the flexibility for organizations to customize the certification to their needs.

Certification Makes A Difference

Certification as a Competitive Advantage

Telehealth Support Services Certification is ideal for organizations that support entities caring for patients directly. This includes any vendors or contractors providing any of the functions covered by URAC’s Telehealth Accreditation Program. Many URAC-accredited telehealth organizations look for this certification as the mark of a high-quality partner, vendor or contractor. TSS Certification demonstrates that entities engaged in business-to-business relationships are equally committed to the highest levels of quality, safety, security and patient outcomes.

URAC’s TSS certification includes three modules. Organizations may choose one, two or all three modules, depending on their business model.

  • Technical Support Module: This module is ideal for telehealth technology-based support services organizations that deliver its services using platforms, mobile or internet-based applications, or other peripheral devices.
  • Clinical Support Module: This module is designed for telehealth support services that are engaged in clinical encounters with one or more clinical service lines for patient encounters.
  • Practice Education Module: This module is applicable to telehealth support services organizations engaged in education, with a focus on curriculum development and maintenance.

Who May Apply

Telehealth support services candidate organizations include vendors or contractors providing any subset of the functions covered by URAC’s Telehealth Accreditation including:

  • Credentialing
  • Patient portal
  • Telehealth platform
  • Business services
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Professional staff services

We award certification for a full three years. Download our Standards-at-a-Glance for more information.

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