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URAC Offers Health Plans the Most Complete Accreditations

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Did you know...

URAC offers accreditations for health plans in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, DC? 

From mental health parity to utilization management and technology, health plans today are facing an increasing set of challenges.

URAC offers multiple accreditations for health plans of all sizes that can help your organization manage these challenges and thrive in this uncertain environment.

We develop our programs with the input of a variety of health care stakeholders to ensure that our accreditations address the key issues that face health plans and payers across the country.

From mental health parity to telehealth, our accreditation experts can help you find the right accreditations for your organization. And our improved process saves you time, money and staff hours! 

Our health plan accreditation experts can help you identify the best accreditation programs for your organization.

URAC Accreditation Programs

We purposely designed our accreditation approach to be collaborative with our clients. This process facilitates learning and continuous quality improvement in your organization. While we set the standards, we don't dictate how they are achieved because we believe health care leaders know their own businesses well enough to be able to manage organizational improvements.

This built-in flexibility encourages and supports innovative thinking by your team. Every URAC accreditation and certification program is independently validated to help you ensure the highest standards of care.

Health Plan

Patient and Doctor - CMS CCIIO accepts URAC Health Plan Accreditation Standards

URAC’s offers a full suite of health plan accreditations include Medicaid, Commercial, Medicare and Exchange programs and there are additional modules available for organizations that provide long-term services and supports for their members.

Our new and improved health plan accreditation programs reduced document upload by more than 50%, and also reduced the time staff need to complete the application! 

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Mental Health Parity
Health Utilization Management
Health Website

URAC Offers You the Best Value for Your Accreditation Dollars

What makes us better than and different from other health plan accreditors? URAC accreditation program for health plans:

  • Include contemporary concepts about artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Address mental health parity, which is enforced by individual states and the Federal Department of Labor
  • Allow health plans to establish their own metrics and monitoring so they are meaningful to the plan’s goals

Be Better Prepared

At URAC, our accreditation process is more than collecting metrics and checking boxes. Only URAC offers your health plan a collaborative, comprehensive learning experience, driven by your organization's specific needs.

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